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Please note we require a minimum of 3 days notice for Regular cookie Orders. 10 Days for custom sugar cookies 

Standard Gourmet Cookies (Minimum 12) 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

$3.00 each

Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

$3.00 each

Sugar Cookies

$3.00 each

Decorate Sugar Cookies

$4.00 each

Confetti Cookies

$3.00 each

Decorate Icing Sugar Cookies

$3.00 each

        Paint You Own Cookie Kits (Minimum 6)

                                      Includes: 1 Instruction Card, 1 Edible Paint Pallet and 1 Paint Brushes $15.00 each

Unicorn PYO Cookie Kit  : Includes 

Baby Elephant PYO Cookies 

Leprechaun PYO Cookies 

 Fondant Decorate Sugar Cookies $6.00 and Up

                              (Minimum 2 dozen)

Custom Fondant Cookies Starting at 6.00 and up

Wedding Fondant Decorate Cookies

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