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The best cupcakes to ever hit your tastebuds

  •  Please note we request that orders must be placed 3 days prior to pickup. maximum order 10 dozens 

  • Maximum order 10 dozens. For large orders then 10 dozen cupcakes or to request personalized decorations. not listed among our moist common types of decorations. We request you to contact us and a member of our team would be delight to assist you with your order 
  • Please note we typically do not get to emails on Friday-Sunday, as we are busy at the bakery pumping out your orders! Expect to hear back from us by Monday.

     Pickup Days:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00am -12:00

  • Orders Placed Sunday - Monday Pickup Day      (Thursday)
  • Orders Placed Tuesday -Wednesday Pickup Day (Saturday) 
  • Orders Placed Thursday - Saturday Pickup Day  (Tuesday) 

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